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Concern Nanoindustry is an integrating scientific and production Russian company established in 2001.

Activity of the Concern is concentrated on developing competitive nanotechnological products, organizing its

manufacturing and creating consumer markets. Concern strives for engaging scientists and developers, interested

industrial enterprises and companies as well as state authorities in fulfilling these tasks.


Important parts of the Concern activity also are:

  • forming favourable conditions for introducing nanotechnologies into industry;

  • creating consumer markets of nanotechnological products;

  • educational activity and training specialists



Innovative activity of Concern includes:
  • preparing, organizing and fulfilling innovative projects using achievements of domestic nanotechnologies, including interdisciplinary ones;
  • organization of manufacturing products based on nanotechnologies;
  • rendering services in the field of developing applied nanotechnologies and nanopoducts;
  • participation in fulfilling joint R&D, experimental and design works.
Concern fulfils its own nanotechnological program on developing economically profitable technologies of manufacturing nanostructures, competitive nanomaterials and products based on them as well as high precision equipment of acceptable price intended for carrying out research works and training specialists in the field of works at atomic and molecular level. Particular commercial results in the form of manufacturing some finished products and equipment have been achieved during fulfillment of the program
Self-governing non-profit organization Institute for Nanotechnologies of the International Conversion Foundation (further INAT ICF) is the scientific, technological and production basis of the Concern. The Institute has been created in 1996 for conducting search and applied studies, fulfilling innovative projects in the most prospective directions of nanotechnologies, manufacturing nanomaterials and specialized equipment based on developments fulfilled at the Institute.

Main principles of Concern activity:

Consolidation of efforts based on:
  • mutually profitable partnership;
  • marketing strategy aimed at prospects;
  • coordination of scientific and technological potential and efforts of groups of developers for the purpose of fulfilling prospective promotional projects engaging money assets and resources from various sources and using them in projects rationally.
 Openness including cooperation with:
  • with domestic and foreign developers, manufacturers, state and financial structures, investors as well as with organizations of education sphere interested in business cooperation in the frames of prospective directions of nanoindustry and in introducing nanotechnologies into other branches of economy;
  • international organizations and funds supporting development of nanoindustry.
Employees of the Concern and the Institute are people who love and appreciate their profession. Their attitude towards everything they do is creative and responsible. High scientific and professional level as well as wide cooperation with research organizations and industrial enterprises allows fulfilling works at proper level for large as well as for small companies of various branches of industry, agriculture and medicine.
Several complex R&D and experimental design works in the field of nanomaterials have been fulfilled by Concern based on INAT ICF during the last years. Works were fulfilled for institutes of institutes of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, «Moscow Water Supply (MOSVODOKANAL)» Joint Stock Company, «Russian Railways» Joint Stock Company, «SALYUT» Moscow Machine-Building Production Association» Federal State Unitary Enterprise, «V.V.Chernyshov Moscow Machine-Building Production Association» Federal State Unitary Enterprise, "Grishko" firm as well as other large and small domestic enterprises.
Concern has fulfilled and is fulfilling several studies and technological developments on demand of companies of Germany (EADC, BMW), Italy (Del Team Giacomelli di Empoli, Dipartimento di Meccanica e Tecnologie Industriali dell’Universitŕ di Firenze), China (authorities of the city of Dalyan) and Turkey (SANCO, SUPER FILM AMBALAJ SANAYI ve TICARET A.S., Nano Yüksek Teknoloji Eğitim Yazılım ve Danışmanlık Sanayi ve Ticaret) as an integrating company. Specialists of INAT ICF as well as specialists of institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences and from industrial institutes and universities located in various regions of the country are engaged in fulfilling interdisciplinary complex works by Concern for ensuring quality and high technological level.
Integrating activity of Concern in the sphere of development of nanoindustry is aimed at formation of favourable conditions for introducing achievements of nanotechnologies into industry.
In the frames of this direction efforts are concentrated at creating:
  • Open information space ensuring connection between science, industry, sources of funding and consumers of nanotechnological products. Concern publishes quarterly «Nanotechnics» engineering journal, mentioned in the list of the Supreme Certification Commission since the end of 2004 and organizes annual scientific and practical conferences «Nanotechnologies to Production» in the frames of this direction;
  • Favourable conditions of commercialization of nanotechnological developments. Concern takes an active part in exhibitions connected with promotion of Russian nanoproducts and specialized equipment of INAT ICF to the market. It conducts joint expositions and presentations nanotechnological developments in Russia as well as in other countries. Concern was awarded for this activity at international exhibitions repeatedly.
  • Instruments for development and support of of innovative interests of domestic enterprises in the sphere of nanotechnologies. Concern is the co-founder of several  Regional Nanoindustry Centers at the territory of Russia as well as initiator of creation of non-profit organization «National Association of nanoindustry» (NAN), which unites about fifty industrial and scientific organizations, universities and small enterprises interested in commercialization of their potential and opportunities in the sphere of nanotechnologies;
  • Mechanisms of educational activity. Thematic workshops, presentations and other events connected with explaining opportunities of practical application of nanotechnologies in various areas of real economy are conducted together with NAN.
  • Work on organizing Career-guidance Centre for specialists for nanoindustry is being fulfilled together with "Slava" Science Park and Moscow Power Engineering Institute to date.
Concern was awarded with diplomas of various exhibitions for development and practical introducing nanotechnologies and nanoproducts into various branches of industry repeatedly.
Achievements of Concern and INAT ICF


Full-scale manufacturing of «Umka» scanning tunneling microscope has begun. Manufacturing of «Striboil» nanodisperse anti-wear composition has been organized.


Production of «AgBion-1» (for disinfection treatment) and «AgBion-2» (for creating materials  with biocidal properties) concentrates of colloidal solutions of silver nanoparticles has been created.
Basic technologies of creating biocide varnishes and paints with the help of silver nanoparticles have been developed.


Manufacturing of three models of nanotechnological complex - Umka-02-Е (training), Umka-02-G (gas fill-in) and Umka-02-L (low current for low conductivity objects) - has been organized based on «Umka» scanning tunneling microscope (STM) developed by INAT ICF. Complexes are distinguished for optimal combination of price / quality / usage simplicity criteria and are relevant as tutorial equipment for specializations dealing with nanotechnologies as well as for fulfilling studies at atomic and molecular level.
Production of facilities for manufacturing probes for scanning microscopes has been organized.
Basic technologies of modifying fabrics, polymers, food rubber and other materials with silver nanoparticles for imparting biocidal properties to them have been developed.


Manufacturing of «Elf» spectroellipsometer has been organized.


Two «Umka-02-Е» nanotechnological complexes have been included into «Nanotruck» equipment. «Nanotruck» is the first mobile «Nanotechnologies and nanomaterials» tutorial class in Russia. It has been created on demand of the Moscow Committee on Science and Technologies for the system of school education.
Complex studies of biocidal properties and safety of «AgBion-2» colloidal solution of silver nanoparticles have been fulfilled. Official permission of Federal Service on Supervision in the Field of Consumer Rights and Human Well-being Protection to use it as a disinfectant and for manufacturing biocidal paints has been obtained.
Works have been initiated on introducing silver nanoparticles produced in INAT ICF at several Russian enterprises in order to launch manufacturing products with biocidal properties. Pilot batches of special shoes with biocidal lining have been manufactured at "Grishko Firm" enterprise.
«Umka» STM modification, which allows studying samples at various current modes, has been developed and put into full-scale production.


A new model of the Device for sharpening probes with automatic sharpening process interruption has been developed.
A pilot batch of biocidal paints has been manufactured at «KVIL PAINTS» plant.

Today Concern Nanoindustry continues activity on all selected directions an is open for cooperation f
or the purpose of transition from scientific achievements to creating industrial nanotechnologies
and organization of manufacturing competitive nanoproducts based on them

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