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(Technical Requirements 4271-001-29034600-2004)

It is intended for conducting friction and wear-out tests of metallic and non-metallic materials at conditions of applying various lubricants (oil and plastic lubricants).

Tribotechnical characteristic of various materials and lubricating compositions can be determined and controlled with the help of MTU-01 friction machine during fulfilling research and development works for determining optimal combinations of materials and lubricating compositions for the purpose of enhancing wear-out resistance of various units of machines and mechanisms as well as for the purpose of training during conducting laboratory and research works in the field of tribotechnics.


The machine can be used  at industrial enterprises, in tribotechnical laboratories of research and development institutions as well as in educational institutions.



  • For determination and control of tribotechnical characteristics of various materials and lubricating compounds.
  • At fulfilling research works for determination of optimal compositions of materials and lubricating compounds for enhancing wear-out resistance of various units of machines and mechanisms.
  • For training at fulfilling laboratory and research works in the field of tribotechnics.


Test method is based on mutual displacement of tested samples pressed to each other with preset effort in lubricants medium or without it. Friction force moment as well as temperature of tested samples are registered during test. Friction force moment variation is represented graphically. Contact scheme is the following: rolling sample end surface and motionless disk.
Friction force moment is registered by strain sensor. Temperature is registered with a thermal pair. Registered characteristics are recorded and processed using PC. Load at friction unit during test is registered with DC-0,2 model mechanical 3 class dynamometer.

Determination of wear-out of samples:

  • by method of evaluation of sample mass variation with the help of analytical balance;
  • based on pyramid trace rubbing at МТМ-3 micro hardness meter according to State Standard 23.224-86 "Ensuring wear-out resistance of products";
  • with a profilograph;
  • by studying at "UMKA" scanning tunneling microscope at atomic resolution.

Registered characteristics:

  • friction pair operation time;
  • friction coefficient;
  • weight wear-out of samples.
Using desktop vertical milling machine as a drive is a feature of MTU-01 friction machine. The milling machine combined with original friction unit block allows ensuring parallel position of rubbing surfaces at work. Drive power is determined by characteristics of the milling machine. Dimensions of friction machine allow placing it at laboratory table


Nominal voltage

220 V

Current frequency

50 Hz

Kind of voltage supply current

alternating, single-phase

Power consumption

Up to 0,5 kW

Sample rotation rate without load

Up to 2500 rpm

Pressing effort for tested samples

50 to 1000 N


55 kg

Friction machine allows obtaining test result in one hour. It can be used in long-term tests with duration of several hours as well.


Minimal delivery set:
  • friction facility;

  • software.

Maximal delivery set:
  • friction facility;

  • desktop vertical milling machine as a drive;

  • software;

  • computer with printer.

Please forward your orders on delivery via  e-mail.

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