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Nanotechnologies allow imparting new properties and features to conventional materials and technological processes used in various branches of industry and spheres of human activity. It makes it necessary to develop cooperation in the fields of science, technique and production with scientific organizations and industrial enterprises of various orientations.
First, scientific organizations, universities and enterprises that are members of the National Association of Nanoindustry are our partners. Some other institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences as well as universities, industrial institutes and companies from regions of Russia as well as from other countries are among our business partners.
Concern Nanoindustry was created for commercializing developments of INAT ICF in 2001. It became a strategic partner representing the interests of the institute at the market and in other external spheres. In particular, it acts as the managing company at forming and fulfilling projects on introducing nanotechnological innovations into industry.
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