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Concern Nanoindustr" and ICF Institute for Nanotechnologies are specialized in manufacturing nanotechnological products and specialized laboratory equipment, which can be used for training in "Nanotechnology" specialization and for conducting studies at atomic and molecular level. Brief information on manufactured nanotechnological products and equipment and their application areas in various branches is represented in the Catalogue (pdf-file of 524kb volume).
Equipment produced by us is intended for education system institutions and refresher training, for research and development laboratories as well as for high technology enterprises interested in enhancing quality and reliability of manufactured products. Optimal price/quality ratio is the feature of manufactured equipment. It makes it especially attractive for universities and research organizations.


Nanoproducts, including:

Silver nanoparticles in the form of "AgBion" concentrates of colloidal solutions of nanoscale silver particles. They are manufactured in the form of water and organic solutions and are used as a high efficacy disinfectant, which is not dangerous for people and animals as well as an additive for manufacturing finishing paints of a wide effect range upon disease-producing microorganisms and pathogenic flora. They are approved to application by the Russian Federal Service on Supervision in the Field of Consumer Rights and Human Well-being Protection.
"Striboul" antiwear nanomodificator nanomodificator intended for restoring friction units without repair. Lifetime of treated equipment increases, consumption of energy and lubrication materials decreases, environment pollution is reduced and labour conditions at noisy production and in the city streets are improved as a result of restoring friction units.
Specialized nanotechnological equipment, including:

«Umka» nanotechnological complexis based on «Umka-02-U» universal scanning tunneling microscope. It provides studying fine structure and obtaining sharp surface images of electro conductive and semiconductor samples by scanning tunneling microscopy methods in atmospheric conditions. Due to features of its design, it can scan objects, which were considered not suitable for studying with STM methods earlier. No additional technological operations on preparing samples (deposition of metals, etc.) are necessary. It is intended for conducting studies in the field of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, material science and other fundamental and applied sciences.

Device for sharpening probes (FSP) is a compact device intended for sharpening tungsten needles (tip dimension up to 30 nm) for tunneling microscopes with electrochemical method.

"Elf" photometrical spectral ellipsometer (spectroellipsometer) is intended for measuring thickness of films and layers in thin- film structures, studying structure of materials and nanostructures, analysis of surface condition and structure of thin surface layers by ellipsometry methods. It operates in conventional atmosphere, at various temperature and pressure values, in various media, including aggressive ones. It provides immediacy of measurements and absence of contact and destroying impact. It is applied for studying and technological control of manufacturing processes of nanoscale materials and structures, electronic components, etc.

MTU-01 universal friction machine is intended for conducting friction and wear-out tests of metallic and non-metallic materials at applying various lubrication materials (oils and plastic lubricants).
 Our printed editions on nanotechnologies:

«NANOTECHNICS» engineering journal is published since 2004. The journal deals with applied nanotechnologies and their usage in various branches of real economy.

Proceedings of Annual Scientific and Practical Conference "NANOTECHNOLOGIES TO PRODUCTION".
We offer also:
  • Manufacturing, kitting and delivery of wide application range modular scientific and educational nanotechnological laboratory;
  •  Developing tutorial and methodical materials for laboratory works in the field of nanotechnologies;
  • Delivering consumables for laboratory works in the field of nanotechnologies;

to Russian and foreign companies, scientific, state, national and international organizations
interested in creating competitive nanomaterials and products based on them,
in organizing nanotechnological production and developing nanoindustry.

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