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The problem of restoring and extending lifetime and reliable operation period of equipment and devices including worn-out ones becomes especially important during the crisis that descended upon.

created at Russian Concern "Nanoindustry" and intended for restoring metallic details of various kinds of equipment
containing iron and having no mechanical damage and for protecting them from wear-out at normal operating mode
is an effective solution of this problem.

«Striboil» nanomodifier provides principally new technological level of maintaining equipment and devices. It ensures increasing efficiency of production. Besides, it improves working conditions of employees and ecological conditions. When introduced into mechanical unit together with lubricant, it does not only restore worn-out surfaces of details in friction, but also in many cases allows obtaining characteristics of a technical object, which correspond to technical passport data. It is important that stopping and dismantling of treated devices are not necessary for that. All the process of restoring takes place at normal operation mode of devices.
It results in increasing overhaul life. «Striboil» opens new opportunities for increasing reliability and lifetime of mechanical equipment and devices. It gives users an opportunity of:
  • increasing their continuous operation period;

  • improving their technical characteristics;

  • aving electric energy, fuel and lubricants;

  • reducing repair expenditures;

  • increasing technical and economical efficiency of maintenance;

  • reducing noise and vibration during operation;

  • reducing environment pollution with exhaust gases at transport.

Offered anti-wear nanomodifier has a wide application area. It can be used in any devices with mechanical friction units. It can be used by car owners and owners of small agricultural devices as well as by repair service of industrial and transport enterprises, Ministry of Defense, Ministry on Emergency Situations, Penitentiary Administration and other state institutions. «Striboil» nanomodifier can be economically and technically profitable for enterprises possessing worn-out machines and automobile transport. It can attract special attention of administration of city communal services because it will allow reducing expenditures on maintaining corresponding devices and city transport.


«Striboil» nanomodifier presents a multi-component nanodisperse compound. Its formulation is "know-how". It provides its compatibility with all types of technical oil and composite lubricants including imported ones. «Striboil» is easy to use. It allows treating mechanical units and aggregates at normal operation mode without stopping and dismantling units to be repaired. It is especially important at production.
Warranty for keeping results achieved due to treatment with «Striboil» nanomodifier is one year.

Mechanism of impact

Presence of minimal amount (pats of a gram) of nanomodifier in areas of intensive friction of adjacent details of mechanical units during operation causes forming strong film modified with nanoscaled structures. The film compensates wear-out of surface material of details, reduces their roughness and, at the same time, holds lubricant at friction surface and provides more favourable working conditions for friction unit details. It ensures lifetime increase. It is important that forming nanomodified film is stable, and its positive impact upon the state of details in friction increases during operation and continues after oil replacement. As regards its properties, it can be considered a "smart" material, because it forms according of self-organization principle. Its thickness depends mainly on state of surfaces in friction and can be 1 μm to 100 μm.
Result of studying «Striboil» nanomodifier structure at transmission electron microscope

One can see particles of irregular form and of tens of nanometers size

The way of application:

Amount of modifier necessary for treatment of an aggregate is determined by amount of oil used in it. Compound amount of 15 ml (content of standard packing) is enough for 3 to 6 liters of oil. Volume of introduced compound increases proportionally if larger amount of oil is used in an aggregate.
Treatment procedure is rather simple and does not require high qualification. Nanomodifier is introduced into oil input neck or oil input hole of operating aggregate. The aggregate should run some time after that so that strong film modified with nanoscaled structures forms.
Effect of treating car engine, for example, can be seen after the car has run for 60 to 80 km continuously. «Striboil» impact efficacy does not decrease after scheduled oil replacement in treated aggregate. Next treatment with the compound should take place after the car runs for 100 to 150 thousand kilometers.

Form of delivery:

  • Suspension – in plastic flasks of 20 ml to 1 liter volume;
                        - in plastic syringes of 15 ml and 30 ml volume.

  • Lubricating compound (used for bearings) - in metallic cans of up to 1 kg weight.

Lifetime of nanomodifier is three years.


High efficiency and impact stability of «Striboil» nanomodifier are confirmed by results of tests at premises of enterprises of various branches of industry and transport fulfilled in Russian Federation and abroad (Moscow, Moscow Region, other regions of Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, China, Turkey, Chile and other countries). More than 7000 pieces of equipment and transportation means have been restored with the help of it already. Results of numerous tests have demonstrated that using «Striboil» nanomodifier allows considerable saving fuel, lubricants and electric energy, reducing noise and vibration during operation of various technical objects and reducing harmful emission and exhaust of transportation means.

Effect of application
at railway locomotive Diesel engines:

  • reduction of fuel consumption by up to 10% (it allows saving up to 0.5 million rubles per year);
  • power increase by up to 2-3%;
  • reduction of negative impact upon environment resulting from reduction of СО and СН gases content in exhaust;
  • considerable reduction of vibration and noise during operation.


Effect of application
at internal combustion engines of cars:

  • efficacy increases by 5 - 10% and power value is restored;

  • engine lifetime increases by 1,5 - 2 times;

  • fuel consumption is reduced by 10 -15 %;

  • oil consumption is reduced by 2 - 3 times during operation;

  • wear-our during "cold start" is reduced considerably;

  • "knocking" is reduced and engine operation "smoothness" increases;

  • start at low temperature becomes more easy;

  • exhaust gas toxicity and soot content in it are reduced by 50%.


To date «Striboil» nanomodifier is applied successfully at enterprises of Russia and CIS countries. Exclusive delivery of this compound to countries of European Union and Asian countries are fulfilled.
Advantages and prospects of application
«Striboil» nanomodifier is a highly effective product of nanotechnologies, which allows substituting repair of friction units for planned prophylactic treatment, which does not require high qualification level of personnel. It is important that treatment with nanomodifier does not require stopping equipment in the majority of cases and is fulfilled at normal operation mode.
Comparatively low expenditures on prophylactic treatment with nanomodifier at industrial enterprises allow obtaining considerable advantages resulting from:
  • increase of overhaul life of equipment by 1,5-2 times;

  • long-term saving of energy, fuel and lubricants of 5 to 15%;

  • reducing maintenance and repair costs for equipment and devices;

  • improvement of processing quality at machines treated with manomodifier;

  • obtaining considerable extra economic effect resulting from improvement of technical characteristics of worn-out equipment and enhancing quality of products manufactured by it;

  • improvement of ecology and creating more favourable working conditions for employees including considerable reduction of vibration, noise and heating during equipment operation and reduction of harmful gases emission.

Besides, «Striboil» nanomodifier does not only reduce mechanical energy losses on friction considerably and increase failure-free operation period of equipment but also increases lifetime of lubricating material and of fine purification filters due to its anti-oxidation and washing properties. This circumstance can be used for reducing amount of conventional additives, i.e. for reducing cost of lubricating material


Comparison to conventional additives to oil

(in particular, to Lubrifilm, Slider-2000, teflone additives, etc):
Characteristic and effects
Conventional additives
«Striboil» nanomodifier

Strengthening friction surface

It does not occur

It occurs

Wear out compensation (leveling of macro relief)

It does not occur

It continues until optimal clearance size between treated details is achieved

Vibration and noise

They decrease

They decrease

Corrosion stability



Required treatment regularity

At every oil replacement

Single treatment

Compatibility with applied oils

Thorough selection is required

It is compatible with all oils

Friction coefficient

0,015 and more

0,008 to 0,03

Increasing engine efficacy


By 5 – 10%


Comparison to conventional repair works

Applying «Striboil» produces a considerable economical effect at repair works. In particular, as regards internal combustion engines, comparison demonstrates the following:
Technological operation
Kinds of internal combustion engines (ICE) repair
Conventional overhaul and replacement of worn-out details
Treatment with «Striboil» nanomodifier
and dismantling ICE
Specially equipped room and trained staff is required
Not required
Detecting defects
Equipment and reference data are necessary
On indirect indications
Kitting with spare parts
Warehouse, accounting system and extra expenditures on purchasing spare parts reserve are necessary
Not required
Assembling and mounting ICE
It requires room, equipment and specially trained staff
Not required
Pouring new oil
Full replacement of oil is fulfilled in carter
«Striboil» nanomodifier is added to old oil
ICE running-in, replacement of oil
Operation at load that is not full, extra oil consumption
Running in is fulfilled in 20 minutes


  • Patent № 2351640 dated April 10, 2009. Besides, some «know-how» is used in production;

  • Technical Requirements 2111-002- 44471019-2009;

  • Conformance Certificate № РОСС RU/ АЯ02.Н39150.


«Striboil» has been demonstrated at international and Russian exhibitions, various forums and scientific and practical conferences repeatedly. It was awarded diplomas and medals at various exhibitions. Among them are:
Diploma of 10th Jubilee Specialized Exhibition «Double purpose products and technologies. Diversification of defense industry complex» for developing «Striboil» nanostructurized preparations and putting them into production, Moscow, All-Russia Exhibition Center, November 10 - 13, 2009.
Golden medal of the XIII «ARCHIMED» Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies, for «Striboil» development, Moscow, March 30 - April 2, 2010.



You can estimate the opportunity of applying «Striboil» nanomodifier at your enterprise
with the help of the table given below

Type of treated equipment

Restored details and units

Metal-cutting machines: turning machines, vertical boring mills, face-plate lathes, vertical and horizontal milling machines, boring and coordinate-boring machines, drilling machines
Hydrosystems, spindles, reducers, drives, ball pairs, bearings of all types
Grinding equipment: grinding machines of all types, automatic and semi-automatic lines
Grinding equipment: grinding machines of all types, automatic and semi-automatic lines
Machines: numerical control machines, automatic lines, processing centers, robotized assembly centers, rotor lines
Hydrauliс systems, spindles, reducers, drives, sphere pairs, bearings of all types
Compressors of all types and models applied in machine building: piston-type, rotor-type, screw-type, plunger-type, membrane-type, etc.
Crank-and-rod mechanism, lubricators, bearings, high and low pressure pumps, cylinder-piston groups
Forge and press equipment: hammers and punches, rolling and roll-straightening mills, blanking equipment, etc.
Screw conveyers and sliding blocks, crank-and-rod mechanisms, rolling and sliding bearings, working surface of shafts, reducers, pumps and compressors
Lifting and transport equipment: portal and frame cranes, railway cranes, telphers and beam cranes, transporters and elevators, storage devices
Reducers of all existing models and types, bearings of all types
Pumps and fans of all types and purposes
Reducers, bearings of all types
Means of transport of all types and purposes
Internal combustion engines, Diesel engines, reducers, gear boxes, bearings of all types


  • Manufacturing an delivering "Striboil" nanomodificator on demand.
  • Services on treatment of equipment and devices with «Striboil».
  • Fulfilling R&D works on creating methods of applying «Striboil» for definite kinds of equipment and devices.
  • Fulfilling joint innovative projects on practical puttipuctfor ion at enterprises of various branches of industry.
  • Cooperation with dealers and creating representative offices in regions.
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