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Concern Nanoindustry offers a wide spectrum of services intended for developers of nanotechnologies, manufacturers interested in diversification of their production and consumers of nanoproducts as well.

Services rendered to enterprises

  • Fulfilling R&D and experimental design works on developing nanotechnologies and/or products with tailored properties;
  • Putting nanotechnologies into production; Developing wide effect range competitive products with biocidal properties using technology of modification of products manufactured by customer with nanoparticles of metals and putting them into production;
  •  Restoring working capacity of worn-out equipment ant devices by treating details of friction units with «Striboil» anti-wear nanomodificator allowing enhancing efficiency at operation and increasing lifetime;
  • Surface treatment of metal cutting tools for the purpose of enhancing strength and increasing lifetime;
  • Conducting surface structure studies of samples provided by the customer by tunneling microscopy method at atomic-molecular level;
  • Measuring thickness and optical properties of thin films and multilayer structures provided by the customer with spectroellipsometric method;
  • Measuring electrical properties of materials provided by the customer in wide frequency range from direct current to ultra high frequency;
  • Measuring magnetic properties of materials provided by the customer in ultra high frequency range;
  • Metrology of nanotubes and composite materials based on nanotubes;
  • measuring electro conductivity of multilayer nanotubes and distribution uniformity of nanotubes in polymer matrix.

Other services:

  • Manufacturing, kitting and delivery of «turnkey» wide application range modular scientific and educational nanotechnological laboratory meeting particular customer's needs.
  • Developing tutorial and methodical materials for laboratory works in the field of nanotechnologies.
  • Individual training in theoretical basis and practical skills of work with «UMKA» nanotechnological complex. Conducting master class.
  • Individual training in theoretical basis and practical skills of work with «Elf» spectroellipsometer. Conducting master class.
  • Promotion of innovative proposals in the field of nanotechnologies at Russian and international markets of high-end products.
We are ready to work with Russian and foreign companies
and to cooperate with scientific, state, national and international organizations
interested in creating competitive nanomaterials and products based on them
and in organizing nanotechnological production.


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